After Effects Of Donating Blood

Healthy donors should donate only about 1 pint of blood by volume. Because this volume of blood lost from the body can be recovered easily in few days. Slight dizziness or lightheadedness following a blood donation is common to occur in most individuals while many also return with no such symptoms at all. But any such symptom do not take much time to subside on their own. These side effects are most prevalent among the teen masses. About 11% of teens face such effects while adults are less likely to suffer from any such kind of side effects. Read the following symptoms of after effects of donating blood.

After Effects Of Donating Blood

  • Fainting and falling
  • Sweating and chills
  • Feeling of stiffness in joints
  • Stress
  • Feeling nausea and convulsions
  • Feeling a sensation of tingling in lips or nose

These side effects are temporary and will subside in a day or maximum two. You must consult a physician if any of the above symptom persists.


The side effects are minimal in case of Apheresis. because most of the fluids goes back to the body. The platelets are only separated from the donor for transfusion. Though the whole blood is drawn but then after the processing and separation, the blood cells are again transfused back into the donor’s body.

Alyx Blood Donation

In the case of Alyx Blood Donation, again the side effects are minimum. It is also called double red blood cell donation. The donor donates 2 units of blood at a time, and the red blood cells are separated, sending the fluid part back into the donor’s body. Since the syringe used is very small and no fluid is lost from the body, so the side effects are mild.


When the plasma is separated from the blood for transfusion and the remaining components are again sent back into the donor’s body, it is termed as Plasmapheresis. The side effects are moreover same as that of the donation of the whole blood cells.


You must take few precautions to minimize the effects of side effects following a blood donation.

  • Do not forget to take sufficient fluids.
  • Eat well.
  • Have a nice night sleep before and after donation.

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