Broken Blood Vessels in Eyes

Broken Blood Vessels in Eyes
Many people experience a red patch inside their eyes and it looks very scary, though it is usually not harmful and is a commonly seen phenomenon. It is known as broken blood vessels in eyes and it usually forms a bright red patch that is visible in the white part of the eye. The condition of broken blood vessel causes redness as a major symptom in the eyes, which may last for about 10 days.

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage is the other name used for busted or broken blood vessel on the surface of the eye. This condition occurs, when the blood from a ruptured blood vessel leaks and gets trapped between the clear tissue known as Conjunctiva and underlying Sclera. This condition is painless and can be noticed only due to the red patch inside the eye. Popped blood vessels is the other term used for this condition. Read on to know more about the causes, symptoms and treatment of this condition.

Symptoms Broken Blood Vessels in Eyes

This condition is usually caused when a blood vessel present under the clear surface known as conjunctiva in the eye breaks. A person suffering from this condition may experience the following symptoms.

  • This condition usually forms a bright red patch on the conjunctiva.
  • It does not cause any pain and may not cause any kind of irritation as well.
  • A person suffering from this condition may not experience vision problems or any kind of discharge inside the eye.
  • The red patch in the eye can start small and spread through out the eye and may even grow in size in some cases.


This condition is usually caused in people suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes. This condition is sometimes also seen in babies at the time of delivery due to the pressure changes. This can also be caused due to the rupture of the blood vessels. However, the following are a few more causes of this condition.

  • Tired eyes, stress on eyes and dry eyes can lead to redness which in turn leads to broken blood vessels.
  • Sometimes, this condition may be caused in women during their pregnancy due to straining and constant pushing during this time.
  • Sometimes, people may experience broken blood vessels in eyes while coughing really thorny or due to vomiting.
  • This condition may be caused due to hypertension at times as the pressure in the eyes can force the superficial blood vessel to break or burst.
  • Excessive pressure on mind can also lead to this condition.
  • Sometimes, the condition of Hemolysis of red blood cells may lead to broken blood vessels.
  • It can be caused due to various other reasons like diabetes, infections, trauma and bleeding disorders.
  • Strain or trauma to the capillaries present in the sclera which are fragile can cause the condition of busted blood vessels in eyes.
  • Another condition that can cause this condition is the shortage of excess oxygen in the eyes and this can further result in causing strain and stress to the eyes.
  • Sometimes, medications and herbal supplements can also increase the risk of broken or busted blood vessel in the eyes. Ginkgo, Garlic and Ginseng are a few herbs that can lead to this condition.
  • Blood thinning medications such as Aspirin and Warfarin are also responsible for this condition.
  • Sometimes, this condition may also occur due to cosmetic problems.
  • Hyphema is another condition which is caused due to the appearance of the blood in between the pupil and cornea. This can in turn lead to a condition of Glaucoma which can cause total loss of vision most of the time.


In many cases, treatment for subconjunctival hemorrhage is not required as the red patch formed in the eye may usually reduces within 7 to 10 days of period. However, the following are a few treatment options for broken blood vessels in eyes.

  • A person suffering from this condition should consult a doctor and get his/her eyes examined for appropriate treatment options.
  • Rubbing or scratching of the eye should be avoided. Eye drops prescribed by an Ophthalmologist can ease the irritation caused due this condition.
  • Diet that is rich in vitamin C and grape seed extract will be of great help in strengthening the walls of the blood vessels present in your eyes.
  • Eyes are delicate organs and they should be treated gently and with utmost care. Activities that cause excess strain to the eyes should be avoided.
  • Eat a healthy diet to provide strength to the blood vessels present in the eyes.
  • Check whether if this condition is recurring frequently and use eye drops prescribed by the doctor regularly.

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