White Blood Cells in Urine: Symptoms and Causes

The presence of white blood cells in urine is an indicator of a disease. White blood cells are also known as Leukocytes.They guard and protect our body against foreign materials and infections. In normal conditions, the urinary system prevents the presence of white blood cells in urine. Kidneys in human body act as filters and filter the WBCai??i??s from passing in to the urine. Urine analysis indicates the presence of white blood cells in urine. This condition of presence of leukocytes in urine is known as Hematuria. Leukocytes in urine contaminate the urinary tract, urine or the bodyai??i??s exterior.

Symptoms of Leukocytes in Urine

Occurrence of white blood cells in the urine is one of the major symptom of urinary tract infection. Painful and burning sensation during urination is another symptom of infection in urinary tract. Symptoms of kidney infection include chills, fever, blood in urine and urine frequency. Symptoms of bladder infection include strong-smelling and cloudy urine. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and bladder tumor are the serious symptoms of the presence of white blood cells in urine. The following article explains more about these symptoms in more detail.

  • Bladder Infections: There are chances for a person to suffer from bladder infections due to the presence of excess white blood cells or leukocytes in urine.
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    Hematuria can make the bladder inactive and this can result in causing painful and burning sensation while urinating. You can also experience cloudy or frothy urine. This condition can also be caused sometimes due to sexual intercourse, certain pregnancy complications and discrepancies in bladder which can further lead to hematuria.

  • Urinary Tract Infections: This is the most common problem that affects the urinary system completely. This condition usually occurs when the bacteria enters the urinary system through the urethra opening either during voiding or during sexual intercourse. This can also occur due to hematuria and it can lead to frustrating burning sensation and pain while urinating.
  • Kidney Failure: Hematuria can mainly occur due to the presence of infection in the kidneys. White blood cells or leukocytes in urine occur due to the presence of any kind of infection in the kidneys. This can lead to the improper filtration of the white blood cells by the kidneys further leading to this condition.

These were the indicators and causes does white blood cells in urine mean. Kidney stones, and the presence of tumor can also lead to the condition of hematuria. Make sure that you consult a doctor if the symptoms of this condition get severe. Antibiotics can help in overcoming this condition to some extent.

Causes of WBC in Urine

  • Urinary Tract Infections: Urinary tract infection is one of the most common infections which affects the urinary system. White blood cells pass into the urine when bacteria enters the opening of the urethra during sexual intercourse. Bacteria from the bowel can spread to to the entire urinary tract through the urethra and this bacteria lives on the skin near the rectum or in the vagina. Women who change sexual partners more frequently are more likely to suffer from urinary tract infections.
  • Kidney Infections: Infections in kidneys is another major cause for the presence of white blood cells in urine. Infection in kidneys is also known as Pyelonephritis and spreads to the kidneys starting from the urinary tract. If the kidneys get affected by an infection then this would give out the WBC in urine.
  • Bladder Infection: This kind of infection usually occurs in pregnant women due to the condition of enlarged uterus. Usage of catheter leads to infection in bladder which eventually leads to white blood cells in urine.

Usage of antibiotics can free the urinary tract from infections and can lead to the absence of white blood cells in urine.

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