Blood Vessel Constriction: Herbs that Constrict Blood Vessels

Blood vessel constriction narrows the blood vessels resulting in the contraction of the muscular wall of the vessel. It is the body’s natural method of increasing blood pressure and this can be caused due to stress. This condition is mostly seen in large arteries, veins and small arterioles.

The flow of blood is decreased or restricted thereby increasing the vascular resistance or retaining the body heat. This condition results in pale skin and very less amount of blood reaches the surface of the skin. Body regulation and mean arterial pressure is maintained with the help of a mechanism called Vasoconstriction. Sometimes, coagulation may cause blood vessel constriction.

Herbs that Constrict Blood Vessel

Blood vessel constriction can be induced with the help of certain herbs. Capsicum, parsley, ginger, guarana, coltsfoot, bayberry, broom alkaloids, aniseed, blue cohosh, chaste berry, licorice, gentian and calamus amines.

Most of these herbs are found in common food and ginger is one among them which is found in the baked foods, marinades and salad dressing. Parsley is commonly used as seasoning and it is another spice like thyme or basil. Licorice herb is found in liquors and candy.

These herbs are also available as supplements and are useful in alleviating other conditions. Consult a health care provider for the usage of supplements containing the herbs mentioned above. Diet pills, energy drinks and supplements consists of ginseng and ephedra as their ingredients. Blood pressure tests have to be taken regularly because they are chances for these supplements to increase the blood pressure.

Herbal Tea:

Ginger tea is the best herbal tea that will help in reducing the risk of blood vessel constriction and blood pressure. Check the product labels before opting for herbal tea. Consult a health care provider about the dangers associated with regular consumption of herbal tea.

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