‘A Positive’ Blood Type Diet

The most common blood types are- A, B, O and AB and they differ from person to person. The blood type of a person may cause certain health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart attacks, allergies etc. The nutritional needs of every person may vary and it is very important to maintain good health in order to prevent the above mentioned diseases.

Follow a diet that suits your blood type and people with A positive blood type are at high risk of diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The diet for this blood type should emphasize on forbidding infections, supply of antioxidants that fight cancer and strengthening of the immune system. A person with this blood type should mostly include low protein diet and vegetarian food with very low dairy products.

‘A Positive’ Blood Type Diet

The following article gives the complete diet plan for a person with ‘A positive’ blood:

Vegetables: Include as many vegetables as possible in your diet either in raw or pure form. Include tofu, sprouts, okra, horseradish, artichoke, greens, alfalfa, chicory, turnip, tempeh, romaine and parsley in your diet as they contain antioxidants, minerals and enzymes that help in balancing diet. Include broccoli, spinach, garlic, onions, pumpkin, collard greens and kale as the help in maintaining a healthy immune system for this blood type. Avoid foods like mushroom, cabbage, eggplant, pepper, potato, lima bean, sweet potato and yam as they may affect the immune system.

Meat and Poultry: Turkey, chicken and cornish hens can be included in your diet as they are easy to digest. Avoid the consumption of meat as it may not get digested easily.
Dairy Products: Avoid the intake of dairy products as they are very difficult to digest, however, include foods like ricotta, mozzarella, feta, string cheese, kefir and yogurt in your diet.

Beverages: Avoid soda, black tea, alcohol-based beverages as they are not recommended for a person with this blood type. Drink one cup of coffee everyday as it helps in increasing the secretions of digestive acids in the stomach further improving the digestion in the digestive system as well. Beverages with ginger and slippery elm are recommended for ‘A positive’ blood type.

Fruits: Include alkaline fruits like prunes, figs, berries and plums in your diet. Avoid melons as they cannot be digested easily and has high mold counts. Include fruits like apricots, grapes, lemon, cherries and pineapples that help in producing rich digestive enzymes in your diet.

Sea Foods: Whitefish, mackerel, carp, red snapper, snail, salmon and grouper can be included in your diet. Avoid crabs, oysters, lobsters, beluga, shrimps, turtles, bluefish, eel and octopus as they cannot be digested easily.

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