Blood Flow Velocity

Certain volume of blood gets pumped through our body every time the heart beats. Circulation of blood usually happens when the valves of the heart open and close before entering the heart. Circulation of the blood usually takes place under particular velocity and pressure. The body of an individual maintains the blood flow velocity. The change in the rate of flow of blood is an indication of underlying medical condition or the presence of body ailments.

What is the Velocity of Blood?

  • The blood flow velocity is usually measured in cm/s and it flows through the walls of the blood vessels at zero velocity.
  • There will be a decrease in the velocity of blood when a person suffers from severe blood loss in some areas which further results in slow blood movement in the body.
  • This condition can also result in oxygen starvation or de-oxygenation in the body.
  • This condition is mostly experienced by people who have already suffered from frequent heart strokes.
  • Increase in the velocity of blood can also lead to severe health complications and also result in rupture of the blood vessels.
  • Blood pressure can also affect the blood velocity and this can be balanced by maintaining a good and healthy cardiovascular system.
  • The velocity of blood also depends on the surface area of the blood vessels and the flow of blood is high in blood vessels with larger surface area.
  • The blood flow and its resistance is controlled by the valves of the heart.

Nature of Blood Velocity

  • The flow of blood in an individual is smooth and normal under healthy conditions of the body.
  • The flow of the blood is linear and it can be observed in the form of adjacent layers.
  • In places like stenotic heart valves, ascending aorta, stenotic arteries and branch pints the flow of the blood becomes turbulent.
  • This kind of blood is usually known as Chaotic and people suffering from hypertension, diabetes and heart diseases often have low blood velocity rate.
  • The velocity of the blood flow can be felt with the help of a stethoscope.
    People who smoke and abuse alcohol have decreased velocity of blood flow.

How to Measure Velocity of Blood?

The blood velocity is measured with the help of two methods and they are ai??i?? Ultrasonic and Laser Doppler flow meters. Monochromatic laser diode is usually used for ultrasonic flow meters in order to measure the flow of blood.

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