Infected Blood Blisters

A blister is a small pocket filled with fluid which occurs under deep layers of the skin. This fluid can be filled with either blood, pus or water. An infected blood blister is always filled with pus along with the impure blood. Sometimes, these blisters may be filled with serum which is a clear liquid and is a part of blood. Serum is the remains of red blood cells which occur after the removal of the clotting agents. They are generally formed when the outer layers of the skin get damaged. These blisters form a small blood vessel which occurs close to the ruptured skin surface. There will be a leakage between these skin layers and it may often occur due to squeezing, pinching and crushing of the skin tightly.


The following are a few causes of infected blood blisters.

  • This condition can be caused due to the injury which occurs due to heat on the skin from either a scald or sunburn.
  • Friction can sometimes cause injury to the skin leading to infected blood blisters.
  • Rubbing of the skin for a longer period of time can also result in this condition.
  • Allergies and moist skin are a few more reasons responsible for this condition.
  • Medical conditions like impetigo, herpes, skin disorders, chickenpox etc. can result in this condition.


A person suffering from infected blood blister may experience the following symptoms.

  • Pain
  • Bouncy Swelling of the skin
  • Blisters filled with yellow or green colored pus
  • Dark appearance of the blisters and
  • Inflammation


  • Most of the time these blood blisters heal by themselves without any medical attention. This happens when the fluid gets absorbed into the body ant the skin may become dry and may even peel off.
  • Make sure that the infected blood blister does not break open as it may increase the severity of the infection.
  • Take good care of your skin and avoid the usage of needle to pierce the blister.
  • Allow the infected area to heal on its own completely.
  • Apply an ice pack for at least 10 to 30 minutes as it helps in relieving pain.
  • Use antibiotics in order to speed up the healing process and consult a doctor immediately if the infection remains for a longer period of time.

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