Subchorionic Hemorrhage Treatment

The other term used for this condition is subchorionic hematoma and it occurs when the blood gets collected between uterus and placenta membrane during pregnancy.

Subchorionic hemorrhage treatment

may vary from person to person depending on the hematoma size. Before we know more about the treatment options let us know about subchorionic hemorrhage.

Sunchorionic hemorrhage usually develops in women during the first trimester of their pregnancy. It also occurs due to the rupture of blood vessels and the formation of large blood clots in and around the placenta. This condition can also separate the placenta from the uterus walls. The treatment for this condition mainly depends on the patient’s overall health.


  • As mentioned earlier the subchorionic hemorrhage treatment completely depends on the size and location of hematoma.
  • The presence of smaller clots may get resolved on its own after a period of time and may not require any medical attention.
  • Women suffering from the large blood clots between uterus and placental membrane are generally asked to take completely bed rest as this is considered as a serious condition.
  • Women suffering from this condition should avoid indulging in any kind of physical activity which may cause strain and also avoid lifting heavy objects.
  • Take plenty of rest as your heart rate may rise due to the blood flow.
  • Avoid having sexual intercourse and ask your doctor for a subchorionic hemorrhage medication.
  • You can take blood thinners like
    aspirin,heparin and coumadin and they help in dissolving the clot effectively.
  • Progesterone and estrogen therapy may be suggested for women in whom miscarriage chances are high.
  • Make sure that you drink plenty of liquids everyday as dehydration can further lead to several health complications.
  • This condition can affect the fetus due to uterine contractions. Visit your doctor regularly in order to avoid further pregnancy complications.


Doctor may suggest subchorionic hemorrhage treatment for a person experiencing subchorionic hemorrhage symptoms during pregnancy and they are as follows.

  • Pain
  • Tenderness in abdomen
  • Vaginal bleeding and
  • Cramps

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