Blood Spots Under the Skin

Many people suffer from this condition and it can be caused due to blood vessels hemorrhage. This can lead to leakage of blood that gets accumulated under the skin. The condition of blood spots under the skin is categorized into two types and they are ai??i?? Purpura
and Petechiae. Purple or red skin discoloration can be observed in the case of purpura and the size of the spot may vary from 0.3 to 1 cm. Purpura is generally caused due to bleeding which occurs due to damaged blood vessels. Tiny flat spots can be observed in people suffering from petechiae and they can be either in purple or red color. The size of these spots may be around 2 mm and are also caused due to the breakage of blood vessels.


  • There are chances for the condition of blood spots under the skin to occur in any part of the body.
  • Blood spots can be observed in feet, forearms, legs and hands of elderly people.
  • Women suffering from this condition can observe blood spots on their buttocks, arms and thighs mostly.
  • Women are more prone to this condition than men and is not considered as a major health problem.
  • According to a study, these spots travel from the upper part to the lower part of the body due to gravity.


This condition can occur all of a sudden and the following are a few causes which are responsible for blood spots under the skin.

  • This condition usually occurs in people suffering from health issues which affect blood clotting like thrombocytopenia and hemophilia. Certain cancers like cirrhosis, leukemia, lupus, multiple myeloma or any other kind of blood disorders are also responsible.
  • It can also be caused due to infections that lead to the accumulation of toxic materials in the tissue or blood.
  • Vasculitis or swelling of the blood vessels, aging, presence of fat layers of skin and hereditary reasons can be a few more causes of this condition.
  • Usage of medications like anticoagulants and aspirin for blood thinning can result in this condition.
  • Malnutrition is another reason and this can be caused due to deficiency of vitamin K,C or B12 and folic acid.


  • Blood spots under the skin get cured on their own and may not require any kind of treatment most of times.
  • However, you can consult a doctor for treatment in order to speed up healing.
  • Apply a pack of ice on the area for at least 15 minutes if you experience swelling and pain. Reapply when ever necessary but make sure you do this in regular intervals of time.
  • Avoid hot water bath or heat compression for the first few days as they may promote swelling.
  • A gentle massage will be of great help and it also improves blood circulation.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol and tobacco as they increase the healing time by restricting the blood flow and may also promote swelling.

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