Hematoma in Leg

Hematoma is the medical term used for the condition that usually occurs in lower leg and it is also considered as a type of injury.Hematoma in leg can be caused due to poor blood circulation to that particular area and this can also happen when the blood vessels in that area break completely. This condition can usually occur due to a direct blow with a blunt object. You can keep the injured leg in an elevated position for proper blood circulation as this can help in lowering the condition of hematoma.


The symptoms of hematoma in leg may vary according to the severity of the injury. This condition can turn fatal if not treated in time and swelling is the most commonly seen symptom. The following are a few more symptoms.

  • Color of the leg may turn into red and sometimes greenish yellow or purple
  • Leg pain
  • Tenderness and
  • Difficulty in walking


  • Hematoma in leg usually gets healed all by itself if proper rest is taken.
  • In order to get relief from pain you can apply an ice pack on the injured area. You can do this by wrapping a plastic bag full of ice chips in a towel and place it on the leg for at least 20 minutes.
  • You can repeat this 3-4 times in a day as this also helps in improving the blood circulation.
  • Hot bath will definitely be of great help and you can also apply a heat ointment on the injured area as it helps in speeding the healing process.
  • You can even place a heating pad in order to increase the flow of blood to that area.
  • Follow a nutritious diet for a speed recovery and include extra proteins in your diet for muscle power.
  • Include foods like eggs, cheese, milk, meat, fish and fresh fruits rich in vitamin C and citrus in your diet.


Make sure that you do not neglect treating this case as it can lead to other complications like tissue, muscle and nerve damage resulting in weak foot. You can avoid this condition by minimizing the impact of the injury by wearing shin pads especially, if you are a sports person. Read on to know about subdural hematoma, symptoms, causes and its treatment.

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