Poor Blood Circulation in Fingers

Many people suffer from dull, cold fingers and toes during winters and this can be due to poor blood circulation in fingers. This usually happens when these parts may not receive proper blood and oxygen. Improper diet, exposure to cold and unhealthy lifestyle are considered as the main reasons for this condition. Many people may suffer from this due to medical or family history and lifestyle. Read on to know about poor circulation in fingers symptoms, causes and treatment.


A person suffering from poor circulation in fingers may experience the following symptoms.

  • Your fingers may turn very cold than any other part of your body.
  • You may also experience prickling or tingling sensation in your finger tips or entire fingers.
  • Formation of ulcers and sores on fingers are commonly experienced symptoms due to decreased flow of blood to the fingers.
  • You may also experience numbness in your fingers.
  • Your fingers may turn pale or sometimes even blue due to poor blood circulation.


Poor circulation in fingers can be caused due to the following reasons.

  • Aging: This can be a major reason for causing the blood vessels to turn stiff and hard. This usually happens in the extreme parts of the body such as fingers. This can also occur in toes and fingers in old people.
  • Thickening of Arteries: The medical term used for this condition is arteriosclerosis which can lead to this condition. Diabetes and high cholesterol levels can lead to the hardening or thickening of the blood vessel walls affecting the blood flow. This further results in poor circulation in fingers.
  • Improper Diet: People suffering from insufficient minerals, fatty acids and vitamins for a longer period of time can lead to this condition.
  • Inflammation of Veins: This can be caused due to a blow caused physically leading to the formation of blood clot. Inflammation of veins can result in venous thrombosis which may last for 2 to 3 weeks leading to this condition.
  • Body Conditions: Phlebitis, pregnancy, high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension etc. can cause blood circulation problems in any part of the body including fingers.


  • Eat healthy by following a balanced diet. Make sure that you make necessary lifestyle changes by exercising regularly. This helps in preventing poor circulation in fingers.
  • Nutrients like inositol hexaniacinate and niacin and herbs like ginkgo biloba help in producing relaxing effect on veins and arteries.
  • Make sure that you keep yourself warm during cold temperatures. Cover your fingers with the help of woollen gloves.
  • Eat fresh ginger in order to promote good blood circulation.
  • Fish oil also helps in treating this condition to a greater extent.
  • Include fresh vegetables and fruits which are rich in betacarotene and vitamin C for better blood circulation.

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