Blood Blisters on Skin

Collection of blood under the skin’s upper layer which is known as epidermis is known as blood blisters. Blood blisters on skin usually occur when the blood gets trapped between two layers of the skin. The blister can be in the size of a pin point or half inch. The symptoms of this condition mainly depend on the causes of this condition. A person suffering from this condition may experience itching, redness and pain. Read on to know more about this condition.

Causes of Blood Blisters

The following are a few important causes of blood blisters on skin.

  • Irritation caused physically to the skin due to the usage of uncomfortable footwear or tight clothes can cause this condition.
  • Irritation caused due to the usage of chemical irritants present in the skin creams, soaps, sprays, perfumes, detergents, etc. can result in this condition.
  • Autoimmune diseases such as pemphigus and dermatitis herpetiformis can cause blisters on the skin as it is the major symptom of such diseases.
  • Extreme hot and cold temperatures can also result in causing blood blisters.
  • Many people often experience blood blisters after a surgery as it is the natural way adopted by the body to heal the cuts after the procedure.
  • Allergens like poison oak, poison ivy, medicated soaps etc. that trigger the hypersensitive reaction in the body can lead to this condition.
  • Excess exposure of the skin to direct sunlight can also result in causing this condition.
  • Usage of certain medicines like nalidixic acid and furosemide can cause this condition.
  • The condition of blood blisters can also be caused as a side effect of certain medications as well. Bacterial and viral infections can lead to blood blisters.


  • Blood blisters on skin can be treated with the help of a proper diagnosis. A skin biopsy or a patch test is conducted for a person suffering from this condition.
  • Avoid wearing tight footwear and clothing in order to avoid physical irritation.
  • Make sure that you maintain good physical hygiene.
  • Wash the blistered area with the help of a mild soap and cold water at least twice in a day to prevent microbes and infections.
  • Aloe vera plays an important role in overcoming this condition. Apply the pulp of aloe vera on the blistered area every day for quick and best results.
  • For a natural speedy healing process apply fresh milk on the blistered area.
  • Make sure that you consult a doctor immediately if the symptoms of this condition remain for a longer period of time.

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