Red Dots on Face

Every person would not want anything to damage his/her face as it looks very unpleasant. Many people find red dots on face as embarrassing and frustrating when others notice the change in their facial skin.

This condition may cause a little irritation or itchy sensation on the face. Many people mistake red dots as rash that occurs due to the exposure to excess heat, which is not true. Read the following article which explains the causes and treatment for this condition and as well as about red dots on tongue.

Causes of Red Dots

The condition of red dots on face generally occurs when the numerous tiny blood vessels present in and around the facial skin get damaged due to excessive strain. The internal bleeding is often visible on the outermost skin layer as well and results in the formation of this condition. However, the following are a few more reasons that lead to this condition.

  • Vomiting: This is considered as the main reason for causing this condition and the red spots formed on the face extend up to the neck as well. This occurs when the blood vessels present in the facial area get affected while vomiting. Vomiting leads to the breakage of the blood vessels resulting in blood accumulation in certain facial skin and neck areas.
  • Coughing: Apart from vomiting coughing also plays an important role in causing red dots on face. The blood vessels present in the facial area get damaged due to the pressure applied during frequent or persistent coughing. The rupturing of blood vessels while coughing leads to this condition. These spots can sometimes be in large number and can spread all over the face.
  • Allergic Reaction: Sometimes, a person may suffer from allergic reactions due to the usage of certain medicines. This usually occurs when the body of a person cannot tolerate the dosage of certain medications further resulting in this condition. Make sure that you identify the medications and foods that trigger mild allergic reactions. Skin allergy test will help you overcome this condition.
  • Other Causes: People who have a habit of following rigorous exercise routine or sneezing hard daily are more prone to this condition as all such activities may cause ample amount of strain on the blood vessels present in the facial area resulting in this condition.

Treatment for Red Dots on Face

Medical treatment for the condition of red dots on face may not be required as it may vanish after a couple of days. You can use or apply skin moisturizers in order to overcome the irritation caused due to this condition. Skin moisturizers also help in soothing the skin. However, you may have to visit a doctor if the irritation increases instead of decreasing.

Red Dots on Tongue

The tongue of a normal person may look light red colored and it is an indication of good health and blood circulation. Red dots on tongue is a clear indication of diseases, malnutrition and blood infections. There are several factors that can result in causing this condition.

It is important to seek immediate medical attention in order to know the cause and treatment for this condition. However, there are certain home remedies that will help you overcome this condition. The following article explains more clearly about the various causes and treatment for this condition.


  • The presence of small bumps containing blood are known as red dots on tongue and several reasons contribute to this condition.
  • Vitamin B deficiency is the main factor responsible for causing this condition.
  • Allergic reactions caused when the immune system fights against foreign materials known as allergens may lead to this condition.
  • Allergies caused due to certain foods and certain medications can also lead to this condition.
  • A person suffering from bacterial yeast infections can also suffer from bloody dots on the tongue.
  • An autoimmune disorder known as Kawasaki disease that occur at the back of the tongue can also cause this condition.

How to Prevent?

The condition of red dots on tongue can be treated at home comfortably by following a few quick home remedies that will help you overcome this condition.

  • Oral dental hygiene is the very first step to overcome red dots. It is important to keep your mouth clean by brushing and cleaning the tongue at least twice in a day.
  • Make sure that you rinse your mouth thoroughly with the help of water after every meal.
  • You can also use antacids like Mylanta and Maalox and instead of water you can use antihistamine like benadryl for better results.
  • Include foods that are rich in vitamin B as this helps in overcoming these red dots.
  • Gargle salt water at least 2 to 3 times in a day if this condition occurs due to bacterial infection. Use a good quality chewing gums and throat spray in order to maintain good hygiene and pH levels.
  • Use soft bristled toothbrush in order to avoid inflammation of the tongue. Consult a doctor if this condition remains fro a longer period of time.

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