Causes of Low Eosinophils

White blood cells (WBC) are considered as a major part of the immune system of a person and eosinophils are a type of WBC’s. They play a major role in fighting against organisms such as viruses and parasites that enter the body of a person. There are several reasons that contribute to the causes of low eosinophils in the blood. These cells are produced in the bone marrow and they travel throughout the body through blood. Eosinophil levels are checked during a blood test as high levels can be a warning sign too. Read to know more about the causes of this condition.

Drop in Eosinophil Levels Causes

The following are a few causes of low eosinophils that are experienced by many people.

  • Allergy Control: Certain atopic or allergic disorders can result in increasing the eosinophil count throughout the body. The count of these blood cells can be high inside the nasal passage of a person suffering from high fever. The medications used to lower this condition can eventually result in dropping the eosinophil levels. Antihistamines prescribed for treating allergens tend to stop the production of these blood cells by the bone marrow.
  • Proper Asthma Management: People suffering from asthma tend to suffer from this condition as eosinophils get accumulated in the lungs and are also not produced properly. These cells in turn release toxins in order to combat the intruders, but end up damaging the tissues present in the lungs. Usage of inhalers, steroids and other medications to treat asthma can result in causing this condition.

These are the causes of low eosinophils that occur due to various reasons. Drop in these blood cell levels can disable the body from fighting any kind of illness. Infectious diseases, parasitic infestations, endocrine problems, blood disorders, immunologic disorders and drug reactions are a few other causes of this condition.

A simple blood test will enable the health care provider to find the causes of low eosinophils in the body. The presence of excess amounts of eosinophils in the nasal passage is a clear indication that something is wrong in the body. See that you eat foods and exercise regularly as this helps in maintaining healthy eosinophil levels in your body.

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