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Hematoma-in-Leg Hematoma in Leg

Hematoma is the medical term used for the condition that usually occurs in lower leg and it is also considered as a type of injury.Hematoma […]

Blood Spots Under the Skin

Many people suffer from this condition and it can be caused due to blood vessels hemorrhage. This can lead to leakage of blood that gets […]

Low-Platelet-Count-in-Pregnancy Subchorionic Hemorrhage Treatment

The other term used for this condition is subchorionic hematoma and it occurs when the blood gets collected between uterus and placenta membrane during pregnancy. […]

Symptoms of Blood Clots in Groin Area Blood Clot in Foot

Blood clots are considered as the semi solid lumps formed in the blood and this condition can sometimes lead to severe health complications. Blood clot […]

Infected Blood Blisters

A blister is a small pocket filled with fluid which occurs under deep layers of the skin. This fluid can be filled with either blood, […]

Leukocytes in Urine

The presence of leukocytes in urine is an indication of an infection in the urinary system. Urinary system consists of bladder, ureters, urethra and kidneys […]

Neutropenia in Children

The medical term used for the condition of decreased number of white blood cells in the body is Neutropenia and this condition is mostly seen […]

High Red Blood Count Causes: Polycythemia Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Spitting Blood in the Morning

Many people suffer from a condition where they tend to spit blood in the morning and this can be caused due to several reasons. The […]

Blood Clots in Knee

An obstruction of the blood flow in the blood vessels is known as clots. This is usually caused due to the thickening of the blood […]

Blood Yeast Infections

Most of the people suffer from yeast infections which is the most common problem and comes with symptoms like red rashes, itching and bumps. Sometimes, […]

low oxygen Red Blood Cells in Urine: Causes and Treatment

Hematuria is a condition which is referred to the presence of red blood cells in urine. If the RBCs are obvious in urine then this […]