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Blood Clot in Finger Blood Clot in Finger

People suffer from blood clot in finger due to pinching trauma that can occur due to bursting of the blood vessel or due to slamming […]

bp-in-men How to Lower Blood Alcohol Content?

It is very difficult to lower the alcohol content in the blood once it travels into your blood stream. It is waste of time for […]

Blood Clot in Finger How to Get Rid of Broken Blood Vessels?

How to get rid of broken blood vessels is a common question that many people¬†worry about, usually people suffer from broken blood vessels on the […]

blood1 Blood Infections in Children

The condition of blood infections in children can be caused due to several reasons and a weak immune system is one of them. A weak […]

blood14 Blood Clots in Urine in Men

Many people suffer from blood clots in urine which is a clear indication of an underlying disease. This condition in men is also quite common […]

Red Dots on Face Red Dots on Face

Every person would not want anything to damage his/her face as it looks very unpleasant. Many people find red dots on face as embarrassing and […]

Blood Clot in Finger How to Get Rid of Blood Blisters

Blood blisters is the medical condition which occurs when the blood vessels under the skin surface get damages without any opening. Many people suffer from […]

blood-pressure Blood Blisters on Skin

Collection of blood under the skin’s upper layer which is known as epidermis is known as blood blisters. Blood blisters on skin usually occur when […]

Blood Clot in Finger Blood Blisters on Lips

A blister is usually considered as a skin area that separates epidermis which is the upper most layer from dermis the middle layer. Blood blisters […]

Blood Clot in Finger Blood Blisters on Fingers

Blood blisters are filled with blood and is the most common problem faced by many people. Blisters are usually filled with pus or translucent fluids. […]

Diagnosis Throwing up Blood Clots

Many people suffer from vomiting blood as a symptom of a serious health condition. Throwing up blood clots is medically known as hematemesis. Coughing blood […]

Blood Clot in Finger Poor Blood Circulation in Fingers

Many people suffer from dull, cold fingers and toes during winters and this can be due to poor blood circulation in fingers. This usually happens […]

blood13 Hematoma after Surgery

Postoperative hematoma is the medical term used for the condition of hematoma after surgery. This usually occurs due to the collection of blood at a […]

blood-pressure Blood in Phlegm in the Morning

Many people suffer from coughing blood in phlegm in the morning. This occurs when foreign particles enter the body due to which the immune system […]

Hematoma-in-Leg Hematoma in Leg

Hematoma is the medical term used for the condition that usually occurs in lower leg and it is also considered as a type of injury.Hematoma […]