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Infected Blood Blisters

A blister is a small pocket filled with fluid which occurs under deep layers of the skin. This fluid can be filled with either blood, […]

Enlarged-Uterus-Symptoms Causes of Rectal Bleeding

This condition usually occurs when the large intestines’ terminal portion known as the rectum or colon bleeds during bowel movement. Hematochezia is the medical term […]

Blood in Urine and Stool

This problem is most commonly seen in many people and most of them do not take it seriously. Hematuria is the medical term used for […]

blood10 Blood Flow Velocity

Certain volume of blood gets pumped through our body every time the heart beats. Circulation of blood usually happens when the valves of the heart […]

celery Blood Vessel Dilation

The condition of blood vessel dilation usually occurs when the walls of the blood vessels especially arteries prevent the muscles from constricting. This also prevents […]

What is High White Blood Cell Count?

The medical term used for the presence of high white blood cell count in a person is Leukocytosis. This condition is further divided into five […]

cure-of-blood-pressure ‘A Positive’ Blood Type Diet

The most common blood types are- A, B, O and AB and they differ from person to person. The blood type of a person may […]

thyroid High White Blood Cell Count in Urine

Leukocytes is the medical term used for white blood cells (WBC) and they play an important role in fighting against different kinds of infectious agents […]

Thalassemia Anemia What Does Low White Blood Cell Count Mean?

It is very important for a person to maintain a healthy immune system and white blood cells (WBC) are responsible for this. They fight against […]

Head Injury Bleeding: Internal and External Head Injuries

Head injury bleeding can be of two types and they are: External injuries which are usually referred to as scalp injuries and Internal head injuries […]

blood9 Blood Vessel Constriction: Herbs that Constrict Blood Vessels

Blood vessel constriction narrows the blood vessels resulting in the contraction of the muscular wall of the vessel. It is the body’s natural method of […]

Blood Clot in Finger Menstrual Blood Clot: Normal Blood Flow and Causes of Blood Clots

Menstrual clots are very common in women during the menstruation period. Menstrual clots are heard about very rarely because they do not cause any kind […]

blood Blood Tests – Why Are Blood Tests So Important?

The laboratory analysis of a blood sample is termed as the blood test. A blood test generally requires blood sample drawn from a vein in […]

Coarctation of the Aorta Vein Function – What Are The Functions Of The Veins?

Veins are the blood vessels which help in returning the blood back to the heart from the various parts of the body. In systemic circulation, […]

Umbilical Artery – What Is The Role Of An Umbilical Artery?

There are some paired arteries present in our body. These arteries are present as one for each half of the body. One such paired artery […]