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Symptoms of Blood Clots in Groin Area Symptoms of Blood Clots in Groin Area

The presence of blood clots in any part of the body is considered as a very serious condition especially when they dislodge, break or travel […]

celery Causes of Low Eosinophils

White blood cells (WBC) are considered as a major part of the immune system of a person and eosinophils are a type of WBC’s. They […]

Complications of Phlebotomy Procedures Complications of Phlebotomy Procedures

Phlebotomy is a medical procedure of taking the samples of blood from a person for blood banking, medical testing and research. These tests are conducted […]

Blood Tinged Sputum Rare Blood Infections

Many people suffer from blood infections when the bacteria of rare types enter the blood stream. This rare bacteria can destroy the immune system of […]

Top Four Natural Blood Thinners How to Lower Blood Calcium Levels?

According to a study by the University of California, the condition of high blood calcium levels is associated with cancer and can be life threatening […]

Blood Clot in Finger How to Get Rid of Broken Blood Vessels?

How to get rid of broken blood vessels is a common question that many people¬†worry about, usually people suffer from broken blood vessels on the […]

Blood Tinged Sputum Throwing Up Blood

Emesis Is the medical term used for vomiting which is a process of forceful expulsion of stomach contents through mouth or sometimes nose. Throwing up […]

Low-Platelet-Count-in-Pregnancy Throwing Up Blood When Pregnant

Many women face different kinds of complications while they are pregnant, Throwing up blood when pregnant is one of the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy and […]

Too Much Protein in Blood

Many people suffer from the condition of too much protein in blood which occurs mostly due to an underlying health complication. Blood of a person […]

Blood Clot in Finger Should You Pop a Blood Blister?

Blisters on the skin or anywhere on the body may cause severe pain and in worse situations you may even feel like popping them. Everyone […]

cure-of-blood-pressure Foods to Avoid while on Coumadin (Blood Thinner)

Many people may not be comfortable with the usage of aspirin a blood thinner used for treating blood clots. Coumadin is a blood thinner used […]

Urinating Blood Clots

The urinary system is primarily concerned about eliminating urine from the body and it consists of bladder, ureters, kidneys and urethra. The condition of urinating […]

Red Dots on Face Red Blood Spots Under the Skin

Many people suffer from tiny red blood spots under the skin and they look scary sometime. These are caused due to many non fatal reasons. […]

Leukocytes in Urine

The presence of leukocytes in urine is an indication of an infection in the urinary system. Urinary system consists of bladder, ureters, urethra and kidneys […]

Enlarged-Uterus-Symptoms Causes of Rectal Bleeding

This condition usually occurs when the large intestines’ terminal portion known as the rectum or colon bleeds during bowel movement. Hematochezia is the medical term […]