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celery Blood Vessel Dilation

The condition of blood vessel dilation usually occurs when the walls of the blood vessels especially arteries prevent the muscles from constricting. This also prevents […]

What is High White Blood Cell Count?

The medical term used for the presence of high white blood cell count in a person is Leukocytosis. This condition is further divided into five […]

High Red Blood Count Causes: Polycythemia Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Nose Bleeds and High Blood Pressure

Epistaxis is the medical term used for the condition of nose bleeds and this condition is mostly common among children. This condition might look serious […]

cure-of-blood-pressure ‘A Positive’ Blood Type Diet

The most common blood types are- A, B, O and AB and they differ from person to person. The blood type of a person may […]

Broken Blood Vessels

The rupture of numerous tiny blood vessels present right under the skin is known as broken blood vessels. They are present all over the body […]

thyroid High White Blood Cell Count in Urine

Leukocytes is the medical term used for white blood cells (WBC) and they play an important role in fighting against different kinds of infectious agents […]

Blood Clots in Knee

An obstruction of the blood flow in the blood vessels is known as clots. This is usually caused due to the thickening of the blood […]

Factor Five Blood Disorder

The most commonly inherited genetic blood disorder is Factor Five Leiden, this increases the chances of developing the condition of abnormal blood clots known as […]

blood-tradfunction How to Recover After Donating Blood

Most of the people feel dizzy or faint after donating blood. These conditions are usually caused due to the less circulation of blood to the […]

Thalassemia Anemia What Does Low White Blood Cell Count Mean?

It is very important for a person to maintain a healthy immune system and white blood cells (WBC) are responsible for this. They fight against […]

Blood Yeast Infections

Most of the people suffer from yeast infections which is the most common problem and comes with symptoms like red rashes, itching and bumps. Sometimes, […]

blood1 Blood Clots in the Neck

Blood clots are usually formed due to an injury or due to poor blood supply. They play an important role during an injury by protecting […]

low oxygen Red Blood Cells in Urine: Causes and Treatment

Hematuria is a condition which is referred to the presence of red blood cells in urine. If the RBCs are obvious in urine then this […]

blood-tradfunction Benefits of Donating Blood

Blood donation helps in saving the lives of people who are in need during emergencies. Benefits of donating blood regularly include physical benefits. This helps […]

Thalassemia Anemia Chemotherapy White Blood Cell Count

White blood cells (WBCs) act as the body’s defensive mechanism and they fight against diseases and germs. Chemotherapy may drop the white blood cells count. […]